Metal Gear Solid – Game Boy Advance

Inspired by Metal Gear Solid’s Soliton Radar, the goal of this coursework was to recreate the game solely in that form for the Game Boy Advance.

The initial part of the coursework was to recreate one of chosen games mechanics, I chose to represent the stealth mechanic.


The guards vision cones were drawn mathematically initially, and later represented as sprites to achieve  the desired look.


Previously the hit detection used was per pixel – detecting the current pixel colour.  For the final game more advanced radial detection was implemented.


The final submission featured four levels, attempting to roughly replicate the first few areas in Metal Gear Solid – the Dock, Helipad and Tank Hangar.


Along with the SciFiShooter this was one of the very first games I made. The final submission featured patrolling guards, the ability to sneak up and takeout them out – with guards on the 2nd and 4th levels carrying keycards to allow further progression.


This manual was the final piece of this coursework, again heavily based on the styling of the original manual contained within the Playstation version.