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Hubble Bubble – Rockspin


Hubble Bubble was the second GDS project during the 2nd year of CGT. It however differed as this was not a student made brief – but had been supplied by Rory Kelly at Rockspin.

The brief was for a 3D collection / exploration game, built in Unity 3D and targeting mobile platforms.

The team assembled to tackle this brief was a combination of three of the last semesters teams:

Andrew Allan, George Beard, Michael Cameron, Jamie Cross, Carrie France, Caitlin Goodale, myself, Gordon McKendrick and  Erin Mercer.

For this prototype George Beard was our direct contact with the client as well producing and being our 3D artist.

This was definitely a different experience than a regular GDS project – but to be clear both George and Rory were fully supportive of university work taking priority. A major advantage for the programmer was that three of us actually shared the same flat – making group programming sessions very convenient.


The first of two GDS projects during our 2nd Year of GGT, initially we gathered quite a large team. However due to Group Project work the group size was reduced down to three – which later proved ideal for this small project.

Our final presentation slides explain Junk rather nicely!





My own work for Junk centered around implementing Box2D, and the physics bodies for falling objects.

In an unexpected last minute twist (not like its happens frequently…) we discovered that our prototype played a little too well. We actually left one running during a team meeting and watched the high score climb… Right before the final presentation we came with the idea of flipping round our concept – no longer a Tetris eliminate a row style game, but to stack the objects to the objective without creating any horizontal rows.

The result was a superbly difficult game – with only a handful of testers actually winning during the GDS showcase.

The Chroma Project

This project was created during the first year of the Game Development Society, by team WhatATwist.

After a group discussion about preferred types of games, we settled on the idea of creating a 3D puzzle platformer. We also realized that we would require at least one major mechanic for this prototype. The idea of light and colour – where there would be one major source of light within a level, and the player would have to alter its colour to progress through was chosen to be further developed.


Given our initial idea, it was suggested that we explore the Unity 3D engine to produce our prototype.

My own contributions were creating the platform meshes / prefabs, and creating test levels for the prototype. Quite a few of the team attempted level design and quickly found it rather difficult to create interesting puzzles.