After a long wait it was finally time – the 3rd Year Group Project.

Our team was assigned to Guerilla Tea’s Titan1um brief – a side scrolling game featuring 3D characters and dynamic object cutting.

The brief was targeting iOS devices specifically – with Unity being the chosen engine.

Aquabear Productions:

David Gunn, Stefan Harrison,  David Hughes, Max Inkster, Kyle Maxwell, myself, Natasha MacDonald, Conor McHugh, Christy McLaughlin, John Robb, Neil Robertson.

Titan1um source – Unity, C#.

I would have to say our group got along really well, really coming together during the second semester to finalize our prototype.

After our code team broke down and implemented a basic form of mesh slicing, I was tasked with translating the screens swipe gestures into the scene. The mesh slicing code required the cut to completely intersect with the object, and the diagram below shows how I approached the problem.


As it turned out I ended up rigging our games main character T1m.

The character and mesh were created by Kyle Maxwell, then passed to be for rigging and skinning. Afterwards I passed the rig to Neil Robertson for animation.


This allowed me to make up for my failed skinning attempt on Volibear. T1m was a robot, but the mesh did not allow use of rigid binding for the skinning. Therefore smooth binding and re-weighting was required – particularly around the joints.


Given T1m’s bulky chest armor, we were concerned about his range of motion. Despite this Neil produced a rather amazing set of animations.