Hunting Simulation

Source code – Python for Maya.

Following on from the first semesters Technical Art Applications, Scripting & Dynamics was left almost completely open in terms of our submission.

After focusing on the Volibear Rig, rather than the Python Tool – I decided to pursue a scripting heavy coursework.

My chosen area was crowd simulation – specifically I wanted to look at the interaction between herding mechanics and hunting. Ideally I wanted to look at two groups interactions (prey and pack), rather than single predator agents interacting with a single group of prey.

These diagrams are recreated from those shown by Craig Reynolds BOIDS, and show the three basic flocking rules.


I made these diagrams to demonstrate the idea of a pack consisting of centers and wings, of a flanking and driving style of hunting.


Its worth noting that although my proposal was accepted, I was warned about this being an ambitious project.

This blog kept as part of the coursework tells the story of this coursework.