Breidablik – Playstation 2

Source code – C++.

The source does not include the provided PS2 Framework – except primitive.h .cpp as they have been heavily modified.

The final submission for Console Development, the main challenge over the first was the requirement for an implied 3D effect.

Now this could be achieved in a number of ways, I chose to tackle isometric and create a Bauldur’s Gate style game.

As I would later admit in the concluding remarks for this coursework – it was completely out of scope…

Sadly the Playstation 2 DevKits have now been replaced with PS Vita’s – so it can no longer be shown. It featured a single screen of isometric map (I had planned for four…), with the player controlling a knight/paladin – having to defeat three skeletons.


Each had a full set of animations: idle, walking, attacking, action and death.


After completing the 1st semester module on Pathfinding for Games – I chose to implement  A* pathfinding for this submission.

To aid in debugging I created a visual representation of the pathfinding grid:

green for open, red for blocked, white for the player and black for the skeletons.

This image shows what cells have been checked by the A* algorithm when a move command has been issued to the end of the pier. Purple indicates the cell has been considered, and blue cells represent the shortest path calculated.

The main benefit of the A* algorithm is due to the built in distance calculation – directing the wave expansion more efficiently towards the target.