About me


Hello my name is Chris McBain – welcome to my portfolio!

This site represents projects completed both as coursework for Computer Games Technology and those pursued in my own time for the Games Development Society.

Previously I have studied and obtained a degree in Architectural Studies at Strathclyde University.

One of the main reasons I choose to move to Dundee to attend CGT was a desire to study in a specialization where I could start at the lowest possible level (well almost), and have the knowledge to build a project from the ground up.

I came to CGT with zero programming experience, I actually studied both Art & Design and Graphic Communication at both Standard and Higher levels – rather than computing.

Now I have a strong base of knowledge in C++ and C#, having also worked with Java and Python.

I have enjoyed working within many different areas of games programming within CGT, and  most recently I chose to further explore the area of adaptive A.I. in games for my honours project.