Source code – XAudio2, C++.

Allan Milne’s framework has not been included, though it remains referenced as appropriate.

This coursework was unique in a couple of ways:

firstly although graphical elements were permitted for debugging purposes – they were not allowed to form a part of the final submission.

secondly we were given the opportunity to use the lecturers own XAudio2 framework.

Unsure of quite how to go about making an audio only game, I eventually settled on the idea of using the Aliens motion tracker.

The idea or story was that your motions trackers display was broken – and the player would have to rely on its audio output only. During development I felt that leaving judging direction simply to the stereo left and right channels was too difficult and frustrating. Therefore I decided to exaggerate the player or listeners audio cone, only allowing full volume in the front 90 degrees, reducing to zero volume before reaching the rear 90 degree arc.

As per the movies – the contacts or signals pitch increases as their distance decreases. Finally I added some pulse rifle kill clips, and a game over style death clip. The games only controls were left and right rotation, with the goal being to turn towards the incoming contact before it gets too close.

In practice the game still proved a little hit and miss. As the movement was gradual and rotational – I could not think of any suitable audio to represent movement. Looking back I believe it would of been suitable to even further exaggerate the audio cone by eliminating the inner (full volume) cone altogether – so a user could achieve full volume by aligning directly to a signal.